March 22, 2011

Dear Sylvia,

Just want to thank you and Passport Magazine for the FANTASTIC results we got from our first ever advertisement with you! We generated numerous calls to inquire about smartERclinix and our healthcare membership program, smartERcoverage, more from the Passport ad over any other advertising we did. Passport was a great media source to get the word out for us - it is a well published magazine with true benefit to its subscribers.

Keep up the good work!

Most Sincerely,

Lori A. Lord

Marketing Director





Passport has been a great vehicle to help us create awareness for Connect 2 Athens. With it's direct mail to so many Athens area mailboxes, Passport has enabled us to reach out to a very large number of unique people in a way that those people pay attention to. We've been very pleased with the direct traffic the website has received from the Passport ad, but also we are really glad to know we can reach such a large number of unique people with an impact that makes a difference.

Connect 2 Athens